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Electrical Hazard Detection – Discover Electrical Problems Before They Lead to Tragedy



Every year, faulty electrical systems cause thousands of homes to go up in flames. When was the last time you had your electrical system inspected? CurrentSAFE® looks behind the walls to prevent electrical problems before they become an emergency. Because family is priceless, let us help you protect yours.


CurrentSAFE® is more than just an electrical testing service – it’s the gold standard in electrical hazard detection. Offered solely by American Electric in Hawaii, CurrentSAFE® relies on sophisticated ultrasonic and infrared equipment to look behind your walls to detect hidden electrical hazards in your home. Once the hazards are identified, our highly trained technicians can perform the necessary electrical repairs or upgrades. CurrentSAFE® should be your first step before installing any major renovations and/or additions to your home such as a Solar/PV system.


Protect what matters. Contact us to schedule an In-Home consultation and have our certified technicians identify electrical before they lead to dangerous shock and fire hazards. Ask us about our CurrentSAFE® certificates–now offered for homes and condos. Call (808) 440-5098 for more details.